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Hofer Slovenija
Printed ads

// Below are just a few examples of the ads we created, accompanied by a short description.


// The “Wine” advertisement published in a Slovene gourmet magazine depicts Hofer's premium wine range from various wine regions of the world backed up with a daring slogan: “Why do you think it was worth discovering the world?”.



// Grilled meat and refreshing drinks may first come to mind when thinking about picnics, but what is a picnic without fresh vegetables? The wide selection of fresh BBQ vegetables in Hofer stores was illustrated with a skewer, a typical picnic utensil, holding the most popular seasonal vegetables. The design was accompanied with a slogan pointing out that vegetables are indispensable at every picnic.



// The “Thank you” advertisement featured in printed media was designed for the “10 years of Hofer in Slovenia” campaign. It depicts 200 of the most common female and male names in Slovenia as a way of expressing gratitude for the loyalty of each Slovene customer.