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the jungle.

Fiercely efficient.

Amidst an urban jungle, surrounded by lush greenery with a tropical storm of ideas in our heads. It's a jungle out there in the advertising world so we couldn't imagine a better interior to inspire us on our hunt for creative ideas. For years we've been conquering even the wildest challenges, successfully finding our way through the thick, almost impenetrable jungle. Our team comprises of experienced adventurers and young enthusiasts, all of them eager to see the sun through the dense leaves and find the right advertising solution to impress our client and get their brand the attention it deserves. This unpredictable advertising jungle is, without doubt, fascinating and we can't imagine our lives without it.

All-round advertising experts.

We are experienced print advertising craftsmen, with a gift for creating content and an impressive mileage in online marketing. We offer an integrated solution that meets the needs of every individual client.

outdoor advertising
packaging design
  •  website design
  •  search engine optimisation – SEO
  •  social media management
  •  TV advertisements

These are our projects.

  • Opel

    Facebook, OOH, print
  • Hofer

    leaflet, webpage
  • Selekcija

    packaging, print
  • HoT – Hofer Telekom

    TV, radio, print, web, OOH, POS
  • HoT – WiFi TO GO

    packaging, TV, print
  • HoT – Hofer Telekom

    print, OOH, TV
  • Naj & VEČ

    magazine, photography
  • Botrstvo

    packaging, print
  • Big Headz

    TV, radio, OOH, web, POS, promotions, events
  • Hofer's 10 years in Slovenia

    TV, OOH, print
  • Veriga dobrih ljudi

  • Inspharma

  • Ograje Kočevar

    webpage, TV
  • Vinea Panonika

    web, text, SEO
  • Moje oko

    web, SEO, print, video

    These are our clients.

    Our partners are interesting companies from various fields of activity.

    What they say about us.

    • „We have been working with Strobl Advertising Group since the day we entered the market in Slovenia. Along with their professional competence and quick responsiveness, we especially value their 100 % realiability. Even when on an extremely tight schedule they will rise up to the challenge and carefully consider the right solution, which is always done with precision and a great deal of creativity. Over the years we have developed a close relationship with SAG which is why we are looking forward to working with them and enjoying their fascinating creative solutions.“

      - Marketing Hofer Slovenia

    • „Over the years I've worked with many different people, and I must tell you that working with SAG is a really special experience. They are a group of highly skilled and kind-hearted individuals who care about what goes on in the society and what people as individuals are faced with. Without SAG, who on their own-initiative launched and pro bono designed the Chain of Good People project, voices of many families in need would have been left unheard.“

      - Anita Ogulin and co-workers of Assosiation of Friends of Youth Ljubljana Moste-Polje

    • „Z agencijo Strobl Advertising Group sodelujemo vse od vstopa našega podjetja na slovenski trg. Poleg njihove strokovnosti in hitre odzivnosti najbolj cenimo dejstvo, da se lahko na njih vedno stoodstotno zanesemo. Tudi v največji časovni stiski bodo poiskali pravo rešitev za naš izziv in jo izpeljali natančno, premišljeno ter z veliko mero kreativnosti. Med nami so se v letih sodelovanja stkali pristni odnosi, zato se tudi v bodoče veselimo skupnega dela in kreativnih rešitev, s katerimi nas vedno znova navdušijo.“

      - Marketing Hofer Slovenija

    • „V življenju sem sodelovala z veliko ljudmi in moram priznati, da je sodelovanje z agencijo SAG prav posebna izkušnja. Gre namreč za skupino strokovnih in hkrati izjemno srčnih ljudi, ki jim je mar za družbo in posameznika. Brez agencije SAG, ki je samoiniciativno dala pobudo in pro bono zasnovala projekt Veriga dobrih ljudi, številne družine v stiski ne bi imele tako močnega glasu, kot ga imajo danes.“

      - Anita Ogulin s sodelavci Zveze prijateljev mladine Ljubljana Moste-Polje.