Our strengths

There's no nut too hard to crack if we put our heads together. We strive to be up-to-date, to think out of the box and approach problems from different perspectives. Professionalism, reliability, quick responsiveness and kindness are all part of our DNA. We aim for quality, fair relationships and long-term cooperation at everything we do.


Creative solutions

First, we do our research, brainstorm and gather ideas. Then we prepare the strategy, define design guidelines, and create the concept. After careful consideration of your vision and wishes, we then finally execute the project and any additional activities.

Graphic design

We strive to create efficient and polished graphic design at all times: be it designing for web, print or social media. We want to wow our target audience with a beautiful and clear message.

Online marketing

When designing for the web, we stick to the following principles: functionality, aesthetics and up-to-date technical guidelines. We can offer you a full communication strategy including web ads, content creation and social media presence.

Event and promotion organisation

We aim to organize every event at the highest level: from its visual design to its smallest detail. We plan and execute events with our experienced inhouse team enhanced with professional external partners.

Search engine optimization – SEO

We carry out a thorough SEO audit of your website, editing the content based on a detailed keyword research for your field of work. Additionally, we perform improvements to help your website rank on top positions of search engines for relevant keywords. What is more, we develop a new content strategy and create SEO optimised blog posts on a regular basis for you to outperform your competition.